The Boston Flower & Garden Show

Display at the Boston Flower & Garden Show

Saturday, March 19, 2011
Full Moon in Virgo
Saturn Retrograde
Celtic Tree Month of Alder
Sunny and cold

On Thursday, I was invited to join a group that rented a van to travel to and from the Boston Flower and Garden Show together. It was lots of fun — really good company, and a fun day.

It was in a convention center, built for trade shows, right on the waterfront, a great space. It was well-laid out for the show, with wonderful displays and nice, wide aisles for the vendor booths.

But it WAS a convention center, which meant it smelled like a convention center and not a garden. That was one of the few disappointments. I hoped it would smell like an enchanted otherworld. I suppose too many fragrances would be overwhelming, but it would have been nice to smell more than the occasional mulch! That, and the fact they had boring, overpriced cafeteria food instead of bringing in caterers to create menu items relevant to the show were the only disappointments.

There were lots of great people. I learned how to prune my rhododendrons. I learned some wonderful tips about container gardening, including what to start with and what to add, soil-wise. I even got to ask the guy how to keep my Alberta Spruces happy out front. I spoke to people from the Mass Horticulture Master Gardener Help Desk and the Herb Society and learned about Tower HIll Botanical Garden and got information on the Newport Garden show — right on the water towards the end of June, which should be lovely.

I bought some small pottery pieces (that now live on the mantel), some herbal teas from a woman whose products I’ve used for years, and five small plants: a dwarf curry (I fell in love with the scent), a chocolate mint, an English thyme, a catmint, and an orange geranium. I wanted to buy a peony plant, but it’s so early, I didn’t think I could keep it happy inside until Memorial Day weekend.

Once I got the plants home, I had to repot them almost immediately, because the roots were already coming out the bottoms of the pots. Now, they are much happier.

Curry, thyme, and chocolate mint plants repotted in the window, with the primrose, Christmas cactus, and other plants

It was a great experience, I’m so grateful they included me, and I hope I can retain and apply what I learned. I picked up a lot of handouts — I’m going to organize them in page protectors in a binder, so I have the information handy.

Repotted catmint (below right)

I still have to repot my roses, though — they are getting unhappy in their pots. But I have to get rose soil, I think, for them.

It is serious though, on the Cape, about not putting things in the ground until Memorial Day. It’s a short gardening season here — but, from what I understand, well worth it.


Repotted orange geranium (left)