Cleaning Up After The Storms

March 29, 2018
Mercury Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny/cloudy and mild

It was actually dry enough, the past few days, to start cleaning up after the series of nor’easters that battered us in March. Most of the snow is gone, especially in my yard. There are some piles in corners along the street, but my yard is okay.

I started in the front. I’m in the process of clearing away all the branches and tree limbs that came down over the month. Not easy work, especially when it came to the large tree limb that broke off the dogwood. I hope I can work all through the weekend and make some serious progress. I should be able to finish the front yard today.

I’ll have to rake it then, still leaves around. I have to rake out the beds in the front. I used leaves to mulch in the winter, but there’s new growth, and I need to scrape away the old leaves and let it breathe.

I started cutting back the dead growth in the terraced bed in the back. I’d wanted to wait until it all passed and re-seeded itself naturally, but then the weather turned, and I couldn’t finish. Again, I used leaves to mulch. The new growth is coming up, so I have to rake it out. I cut back a good bit of it yesterday.

I also got out the handsaw and took out some invasive autumn olive and several oak saplings that are acting like invasives, especially within the rose bushes on the side of the house. When I’m sure it will stay mild in a week or two, I’ll give the roses a hard prune back — they’ve made that side of the house nearly impassable.

I still have a lot of that weird cedar-like invasive to dig out. I have to make sure I get the roots, or it just springs up somewhere else.

The crocuses are blooming, which is great. The daffodils and hyacinths are growing, but it’s been too cold for them to actually do much.

Yes, there’s a lot of work to do. If we have a string of days where the weather holds, it’ll be great. So often, the days I have time to work in the yard are the days where the weather is off.

But I’m looking forward to how beautiful it will be, once it’s cleaned up and ready for growing season!


Compost and Fertilizer and Mulch, Oh My!

Wednesday, March 3, 2011
Dark Moon in Pisces
Saturn Retrograde
Celtic Tree Month of Ash
Sunny and cold

Didn’t get the photos uploaded — will try to get them done for Saturday.

Okay, I realize that I’m really, really new at all of this, but compost AND fertilizer AND mulch? Isn’t that a bit much? When do I do it? In what order?

Before I do any of that, however, I have to clean out the areas around the bushes and beds from the vegetation that was used to overwinter them. However, it has to be dry to do it, and it’s been raining so much that I haven’t been able to do that, either.

I’m going to re-read the section of the book on gardening in this area to see what they advise, and look around and see what the neighbors are doing. I already know I can’t afford to get a truck full of fertilizer to come for the lawn, so I’m going to have to see what else I can do to make it happy. I want to do right by the lawn and the plants, but I’m also on a budget. And I have to make up for the previous tenants who didn’t care for the grounds — although I don’t own them.

Gunk should not cause this much stress! 😉