Oct. 27, 2022: Wet and Mild

(image courtesy of hartono subagio via pixabay.com)

Thursday, October 27, 2022

First Quarter Moon Waxing in Scorpio

Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter, Uranus Retrograde

Celtic Tree Month of Ivy

Cloudy and mild

We’ve had weird weather the past few days, sometimes going up into the 70’s. Bands of rain come through, then it’s bright, sunny, and humid, more like spring than autumn.

The tomato plants are loving it; like I said: tomatoes for Christmas.

We haven’t finished rearranging the front porch and bringing in the last of the plants out of the back because we want them to enjoy the last bit of warmth until spring.

But temperatures are supposed to dive down in the next few days, so we’ll bring in the geraniums and anything else that needs warmth, and setting up the plants that need the cooler weather on the front porch.

I forgot the plant the bulbs yesterday, although with the warmth, that might be a good thing. According to my calendar, the next planting day isn’t until November 3. (I have a Llewellyn calendar that notes planting days and harvest days).

I’m sure I’ll spend some time arranging and rearranging plants over the winter, as the light shifts. We’re lucky to have wonderful, large windows with lots of natural light. Unlike the neighbors, who keep blinds and curtains drawn tightly shut, we  open up in the day to let the sun in.

I miss having a philodendron, so I’ll get another of those at some point over the winter, and maybe a couple of other typical houseplants, too.

We are already talking about what we want to plant next season, so I can order the seeds in January.

Looking ahead at weather predictions, we’re supposed to get snow starting the first week of December this year (it didn’t start until January last winter). The cats are all very fluffy, so I think we’re in for a harsh winter.

How are you putting your garden to bed? Or, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, how’s your garden waking up?