Thurs. March 2, 2023: Finally Ordering Seeds

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Thursday, March 2, 2023

2nd Quarter Moon Waxing in Cancer

Celtic Tree Month of Ash

Rain, ice, cold

The weather turned wintry again this past week, with a series of storms coming through. None of the snow accumulations was as much as predicted, thank goodness. We are supposed to get another foot Friday night into Saturday.

On the garden front, the bulbs are coming up on the porch, although nothing’s bloomed yet. The indoor plants are fine, although I have to water them  more often, because the heat to keep the house warm dries them out quickly.

I finally ordered some seeds from Eden Brothers: mostly flowers and medicinal herbs. I ordered Wormwood, angelica, calendula, marshmallow, St. John’s wort, Valerian, and two kinds of Zinnias. They should ship this week and arrive next week, so I can plant. It’s a little late, but that’s the way it goes. I will buy culinary herbs as plants when the garden center opens later this month.

I’ve missed the window to start poppies, so I will put that off again this year. I need to order some other seeds in the coming weeks, and then get everything planted. I’m going to try different potting soil; I think the choice I made last year for potting soil wasn’t very good.

I’m looking forward to hyacinths blooming.

What’s going on with your garden?


Computer Crash

Sorry, no post today, my computer crashed, and I have to deal with it.

We’ll catch up soon!

Thurs. Nov. 24, 2022: Happy American Thanksgiving!

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Enjoy the day, with food, friends, family, or just a quiet, peaceful day!

Thurs. Aug. 18, 2022: A Little Visitor

image by Dominec Hoffman

Thursday, August 18, 2022

3rd Quarter Waning Moon in Taurus

Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Chiron, Jupiter Retrograde

Celtic Tree Month of Hazel

On a positive note, we now have a hummingbird who comes and visits on the back balcony. I love hummingbirds.

On a negative note, Spiro Squirrel tore a hole in the kitchen window screen, trying to get in. Put on a temporary patch, until I can get it fixed.

The dahlia is showing new growth, which completely confuses me. The impatiens is growing back, which is great. The tomatoes have just never done much.

The four o’clocks are blooming, and they are lovely. Every afternoon, the bright reddish-pink blossoms open. I’ll try to take a picture, but I keep forgetting until it’s too dark.

My neighbors downstairs have actual ears of corn on their cornstalks. It’s vey cool. And their tomatoes are doing really well.

The weather’s been mostly dry, but as hot and humid, thank goodness. We had a little rain yesterday.

The Canada geese have been flying south the last couple of weeks. The weather folk keep telling us we will have a long, warm autumn (which would be nice), but the animals and plants are saying something else.

So we’ll see.

How’s your garden growing?

Thurs. Nov. 25, 2021: Happy Thanksgiving!

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I wish you a beatuiful, peaceful day.

Thurs. Sept. 2, 2021: Apples!

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Thursday, September 2, 2021

4th Quarter Moon Waning in Cancer

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron, Uranus Retrograde

Celtic Tree Month of Vine

Partly cloudy and cool

Hurricane Ida slapped us on her way through. We didn’t get it anywhere near as bad as other areas; the Cape had tornado warnings and NYC flooded. We had torrential rain for about 12 hours, from 2 PM yesterday until about 2 AM this morning. I kept getting up to check the streets to make sure they weren’t flooding, and kept an ear out in case people started moving their cars.

But we were fine, and it’s shaping up to be a pretty autumn day. Definitely cool.

The Christmas cactus on the back balcony is blooming like gangbusters, and the red geraniums are also blooming. The annual herbs have just about had it. I’ll need to put those pots to bed soon.

My downstairs neighbor shared some of her garden produce and it’s wonderful. I missed having a real garden this summer; let’s hope I can have one next summer.

Apples are starting to show up at the market. My favorite. I’m looking forward to all the things I can make all winter with apples.

Oh, the bug I posted about last week?  A friend saw the photo and told me it was a tiger bee fly. A pollinator. So it’s all good.

Today is a big baking day for me; two kinds of bread, two kinds of cookies, and some dip and snacky things. My friend arrives tomorrow for the holiday weekend. First time I’ve seen any of my friends in person (other than the neighbors who helped with the move) since before the pandemic.

Have a great holiday weekend. Let’s hope we can spend a lot of it outside!

Thurs. June 10, 2021: The Scent of Sea Air (For Just A Moment)


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Thursday, June 10, 2021

New Moon in Gemini

Pluto Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Sunny and cooler

Not much to say about the garden. The grass is growing. I’m vigilant about watering it. Because of the intense packing, there’s not much time to spend on the deck these last few days here. Plus, it’s been so darned hot.

I woke up just before 2:30 this morning, and actually smelled the sea air for the first time in months. Humid, but salty.

Of course, a few minutes later, the traffic started up again, and all I could smell was car exhaust.

I’m so tired of the beauty of this area being destroyed.

There are lots of coyote tracks in the back yard. They’re busy, even though they’re stealthy about it this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating!

Be safe, find peace and joy in the day.

Lots of love and good wishes to you.

Thurs. June 25, 2020: Dreams of House & Garden

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I’m scheduled for surgery today. In the twilight of anesthesia, I hope I will dream about a place as beautiful as this.

Catch you next week!


Thurs. May 7: First Growth

Thursday, May 7, 2020
Full Moon in Scorpio
Pluto Retrograde
Celtic Tree Month of Willow
Rainy and cool

Sorry I don’t have a photo today. The potted lilac on the deck has started to bloom. The lady’s mantle spills across the terraced are wall and looks lovely.

The rose of Sharon plants are budding. I prepped the pots on the deck for flower and pollinator planting, but it was too cold yesterday. I’ll either do it today or wait until the next planting day on Sunday.

We lost most of the lettuce and the parsley is miserable, which is frustrating.

But the Roma and grape tomato seeds are sprouting from the grocery store produce, which is fun. Nothing yet from the seed packets. Whatever I got from Country Garden this year is a dissapointment.

Cleaned the branch debris in the yard for next week’s lawn mowing. The guy who did it last year is eager to come back, we can manage it safely for all of us, and it takes so much pressure off me.

The peepers are out, and I love how they sing me to sleep at night. It brings back happy memories of my grandmother’s sleeping porch in Foxboro. I loved sleeping there whenever we visited in spring and summer.

I think I’d be afraid to sleep out on a porch in this day and age. I’d feel too exposed.

The mourning dove stll cries, and it feels appropriate, with all that’s going on. The blue jays are back being feisty, and we have more kinds of warblers than usual. I have to find my guide and try to identify them.

There are some fat bumblebees drifting around, enjoying the forsythia and early lilac and even the pansies. I hope the flower seeds come up nicely to give them a banquet.

Che Guevara Chipmunk is back, in fine fettle, running around on the wall and across the deck. I saw one bunny so far, a larger, browner one than we usually get.

The weather is nice for a day and awful for several, such slows everything down.

But I want to savor as much time in the garden as possible.

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