Thurs. May 25, 2023: Lilacs!

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Thursday, May 25, 2023

1st Quarter Moon Waxing in Leo

Pluto Retrograde

Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn

We’re still down in the 30’s at night. I haven’t been able to put the plants outside, or set up the Enchanted Garden on the back balcony.

The marshmallow and St. John’s wort have sprouted. Only one angelica shoot made it, at least so far. There’s not another planting day until June 1, but I may try to at least repot a few things over the weekend.

On a happier note, the lilacs have been blooming. Lilacs are my absolute favorite. I miss the lilac tree we had back on Cape, and the various potted lilacs I cultivated over the decade we lived there. I do have one potted lilac my friend gave me when I visited last autumn, but it’s too young to bloom yet.

My hope is that I can do some garden stuff, along with home-and-hearth stuff over the Memorial Day weekend.

What’s new with your garden?


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  2. Pat Marinelli
    May 25, 2023 @ 13:39:24

    Garden is slow growing as the weather has been too cool. Thankfully not as cold as where you are.


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