Jan. 26, 2023: It’s All So Quiet

image courtesy of Ka via pixabay.com

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Waxing Moon 1st Quarter in Aries

No Retrogrades

Celtic Tree Month of Rowan

There’s really not much to say, on the garden front. We have a new snowstorm coming in about every other day. Over the weekend into Monday, we got about a foot of snow. Last night, we got a little more. It’s going up into the 40s today, and then another snowstorm Sunday into Monday.

The peace lily is slowly recovering. The indoor plants are thriving. The tulips, hyacinths, and narcissus out on the front porch are slowly coming up.

While the dreary days get a little tedious, I enjoy watching the snow fall during the storms, and watching the weather change over the mountains.

How are things where you are?


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