Thurs. April 7, 2022: Things Are Growing!

Peace lily. Photo by Devon Ellington

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Waxing Moon First Quarter in Gemini

Rainy and cool

Celtic Tree Month of Alder

The plants are growing like crazy! Last weekend, I made another trip to buy more pots, soil, and a couple of tomato cages for the tomatoes and the cucumbers. I also repotted the peace lily. When we bought the plant, for the very first party at the Cape house, it was in a 4” pot. I just repotted it into a 14” pot.

The night-blooming jasmine should ship soon. I asked the grower what size pot it should go in, and they said a 16” pot. Um? That’s considerably larger than I expected!

The snapdragon and marigold seeds were supposed to be here last Monday, but are still circling around various depots in the Midwest.

On sunny days, as soon as the porch is warm enough, the seedlings are moved out. In the evening, as it cools down, they come back in. It’s worth it, since most of the seedlings are thriving.

I planted a lot of annuals this year, and I’m not sure that was the best choice. I guess I’ll find out. But I wanted flowers this year, and I’ll slowly experiment with small-sized vegetables and herbs to see what grows well. I’m diligent about keeping up the plant journal, which helps.

When I did the big grocery shop on Tuesday, I also bought a large pot of pansies and a bunch of lavender tulips. Pansies always make me smile. They’re such a cheerful flower, and I love having them around. I think, however, I will use petunias in the hanging baskets I eventually want for the back balcony.

I’m a little worried that the mallow won’t come up, and I’m getting ready to give up on the pear and the clementine, and use those pots for herbs instead. They must have been GMO fruits, rather than heirloom, even if they were grown in “organic” conditions.

I followed instructions and took the Rose of Jericho out of the water to “rest” for a day on Monday. According to my research, I have to change the water every day, and let it dry rest one day a week, and then one day a month. It browned and curled up again during the rest, but, although it’s unfurling again, it’s not turning green again. So I’m a little worried.

I planted more cat grass. Charlotte and Willa love their cat grass, and when they can chomp on that, they leave everything else alone.

How are things growing where you are? Grace, how are your blueberries and azaleas doing? Pat, how are the herbs doing? I love hearing about the plants!


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  2. Pat Marinelli
    Apr 07, 2022 @ 21:48:49

    The only herb up so far is chervil which popped up after only a week. Still waiting on everything else.

    I need to grow cat grass. Tuxedo keeps climbing to the second shelf of the garden window to eat my Shamrock plant. Not even sure if he should, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him. I chase him every time I see him up there, but not sure what happens when I’m sleeping. A few years ago, my son brought me a Shamrock in a four inch pot and Tuxedo ate it right down to the soil. Luckily Shamrocks are a tuber so it came back.

    Hubby should be getting plants coming soon for outside. I’m guessing the end of April.


    • devonellington
      Apr 14, 2022 @ 11:42:38

      Botanical Interests sells it in big packets, and the grass comes up fast. They also eat it fast, so I keep one pot seeded and one pot raised on a box on the floor so they feel like they have to work a little to get at it. It saves the rest of the plants a lot of toothy holes!


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