Jan. 6, 2022: Garden Dreams

image courtesy of kryciak via pixabay.com

Thursday, January 6, 2022

First Quarter Moon Waxing in Pisces

Uranus and Venus Retrograde

Celtic Tree Month of Birch

Cloudy and cold

The weather has been kind of wacky here, and, from what I hear from others, unusual. We should basically be snowed in here. But, while the weather has dipped down to being pretty cold at night, we’ve had more rain and freezing rain than snow. On the one hand, yay, I can run errands on foot. On the other, I’d rather be tucked in with snow.

We brought some ore plants in from the front porch, although we don’t really have room for them until we put away the Winter Holiday decorations (which happens today).

The seed catalogs are arriving, and I’m in the lovely dreamstate of over-fantasizing about how many seeds I can reasonably buy and plant for the coming year.

I ordered a bunch of seeds last year and couldn’t plant any of them, due to the timing of the move. I will see what I can do this year. The Territorial Seed catalogues and the Kitchen Seeds catalogues are here; three or four others are on the way. I will compare my favorites in each, and then decide how much it makes sense to try this year, since it will be our first full season.

I’m also going over the book GROW ALL YOU CAN EAT IN THREE SQUARE FEET to see what makes sense there, since I like growing things we can eat. I’m just not sure we have the room. We have more room on the back balcony than out front, but I’m not sure we get enough sun, since it’s northern exposure. So it will be trial and error, and I need to be better at notetaking and tracking than I usually am.

I had a lovely conversation on Twitter on Tuesday with fellow gardeners. They gave me some wonderful resources.

What are your plans for your garden this year?

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  2. Pat Marinelli
    Jan 06, 2022 @ 20:51:36

    I will grow a couple of pots of herbs on my tiny back deck. Parsley, basil, tarragon, chives, sage, rosemary. and thyme are a must. We will also put the Laurel tree we brought in for the winter back outside and Hubby will grow a few tomatoes…probably in pots this year.


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