Oct. 28, 2021: Samhain and Celtic Tree Month of Reed

photo courtesy of James Wheeler via pexels.com

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Third Quarter Waning Moon in Cancer

Neptune, Chiron, Uranus Retrograde

Cloudy and chilly

Celtic Tree Month of Reed begins

This week, I was grateful, once again, to be tucked into the mountains rather than being out on the coast. The eastern part of the state was walloped by a nor’easter. Lots of power outages where I used to live, and probably no power until at least Saturday.

We had some rain, and it’s a little chilly.

I’m grateful to be here. With working heat.

People are busy, preparing for winter. The leaves are still turning (I think we hit peak foliage this weekend). Leaves are falling. Birds are busy, either prepping for winter or migrating. Most houses are decorated for Halloween with a sense of humor and joy.

Today starts the Celtic Tree Month of Reed. Reed is about adaptability, learning to bend without breaking. Considering how we’ve all had to adapt in these almost-two years, it makes sense.

Our Christmas and Thanksgiving cacti are flourishing out on the front porch. We haven’t had first frost yet, so we still have plants out on the back balcony, although we’ll probably bring them in this coming week.

It will be a chilly weekend, with rain off and on. I’m still not sure what day the Trick or Treaters are coming – but those treat bags are packed and ready!

I’ve built a series of Ancestor Altars this year, and a friend is coming up this weekend to celebrate, with more photos to add. It will definitely be a time to honor those we’ve lost, and honor all the transitions of the past year.

What’s it like where you are?


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