Thurs. Sept. 2, 2021: Apples!

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Thursday, September 2, 2021

4th Quarter Moon Waning in Cancer

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron, Uranus Retrograde

Celtic Tree Month of Vine

Partly cloudy and cool

Hurricane Ida slapped us on her way through. We didn’t get it anywhere near as bad as other areas; the Cape had tornado warnings and NYC flooded. We had torrential rain for about 12 hours, from 2 PM yesterday until about 2 AM this morning. I kept getting up to check the streets to make sure they weren’t flooding, and kept an ear out in case people started moving their cars.

But we were fine, and it’s shaping up to be a pretty autumn day. Definitely cool.

The Christmas cactus on the back balcony is blooming like gangbusters, and the red geraniums are also blooming. The annual herbs have just about had it. I’ll need to put those pots to bed soon.

My downstairs neighbor shared some of her garden produce and it’s wonderful. I missed having a real garden this summer; let’s hope I can have one next summer.

Apples are starting to show up at the market. My favorite. I’m looking forward to all the things I can make all winter with apples.

Oh, the bug I posted about last week?  A friend saw the photo and told me it was a tiger bee fly. A pollinator. So it’s all good.

Today is a big baking day for me; two kinds of bread, two kinds of cookies, and some dip and snacky things. My friend arrives tomorrow for the holiday weekend. First time I’ve seen any of my friends in person (other than the neighbors who helped with the move) since before the pandemic.

Have a great holiday weekend. Let’s hope we can spend a lot of it outside!


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