Thurs. May 27, 2021: Carpenter Ants

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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Last Day of the Full Moon in Sagittarius

Pluto Retrograde

Saturn Retrograde

Cloudy and pleasant

The lilacs are absolutely magnificent this year. It will be sad when they fade. I’m so grateful we were still here to enjoy them.

The grass is coming in well. I’m conscientious about the watering. It’s fun to watch the difference from day to day. If anyone makes a derogatory comment about “watching grass grow” as something boring, they are sadly mistaken! It’s quite fun.

Monday morning, I discovered a swarm of carpenter ants coming out of the seam between the deck roof and the kitchen door. I had a fit. Hosed them off, used ant killer. Called the landlord, so we could form a plan of action. I can’t stand ants. I didn’t even really know what carpenter ants were, except that they were big and scary. When I looked it up online, it was even scarier.

But it’s being dealt with.

The landlord mowed the front, so we’re not suffering from vacant lot syndrome. Per his request, I removed the cedar barrel with the chrysanthemums from the front.

I have to talk to our neighbors down the street, who are avid gardeners, to see if they want our potted lilacs, roses of Sharon, and some of the other big plants we most likely can’t take with us. Otherwise, they need to go up on Craigslist this week or next.

No takers for the electric shovel yet.

Garage is getting there; I still have to sort out some of the broken saucers that can be tossed, and get more recycling to the dump.

We’re getting there slowly, but have to accelerate over the next few weeks, even though we don’t yet know where we are going.

The tourists are already swarming, even worse than the carpenter ants. They are nastier than ever. It will be good to be out of here before the summer gets even more intense.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend! Hopefully, you can spend time outside.

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