Thurs. April 1, 2021: Much-Needed Rain

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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Third Quarter Waning Moon in Scorpio

Rainy and cooler

We’re getting some much needed rain today, and temperatures are dropping. Upstate NY was supposed to get snow, poor things.

I like lying in bed listening to the rain. I find it soothing.

Not much to say on the garden front. The potted forsythia in the garage has started to bloom, and it’s lovely. The forsythia outside are still bare and shivering.

Since the landlord will be doing work on the house, and we will be moving soon, we aren’t doing any yard work. It would be a little early for yard work anyway, in spite of the neighbors’ incessant leaf blowing for non-existent leaves.

We’re taking care of the indoor plants, although I haven’t started any seeds.

I will be sad if there’s no garden at all this year.

One step at a time, though. One step at a time.

How’s your April starting?

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