Thurs. March 25, 2021: Listen To The Wind

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Second Quarter Moon Waxing in Leo

Celtic Tree Month Of Alder

Foggy and cooler

I’m worried that the next couple of months will be boring on the garden front for readers. I’m not planting, because we’re preparing to move, although we don’t yet know where we will land.  As it gets milder, I may put some of the big pots back out on the deck, but it won’t be the Enchanted Garden we usually set up. I’m packing the other pots and the garden ornaments. I might put out the Adirondack chairs when it’s nice, so we can at least sit on the deck and enjoy it a bit before we go.

There hasn’t been much rain lately, and we desperately need it.  Supposedly, we will get some today.

The last few days have been nice enough to open the windows and doors to the deck to let in some fresh air, at least for a little bit every day. That’s been cheerful.

I think I will, however, put up the chimes on the deck. I love the sound of the chimes. Especially in the night. Or, sometimes, I like to just sit on the deck in a light breeze and listen.

How’s your garden growing? How’s your spring shaping up?


Thurs. March 18, 2021: Celtic Tree Month of Alder Begins

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Thursday, March 18, 2021

First Quarter Waxing Moon in Taurus

Celtic Tree Month of Alder Begins

Windy and cloudy

Alder is about release and determination. It’s a good time for hopes and dreams. Time to sow the seeds of success.

I could use that right now.

Nothing to report on the garden front. The weather’s been wacky. We’re supposed to get another snowstorm tonight. Lots of winds until tomorrow.

No planting; just taking care of the houseplants we have.

I have to start cleaning out and packing our pots soon. That will be a big task. But I’m going to wait until it’s a little warmer.

How’s your garden doing?

Thurs. March 11, 2021: A Little Warmth

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

4th Quarter Waning Moon in Pisces

Celtic Tree Month of Ash

Sunny and mild

Not much to report on the garden front. The backyard, where the septic people dug, looks sad. The dig flags all over the yard are drooping.

It’s supposed to hit a record warmth in Boston, although much cooler down here.

It’s been lovely and sunny the last few days, which meant unmasked Covidiots roamed in packs, unfortunately, and I couldn’t actually enjoy much.

But it’s my birthday today, so I want to spend some time outside if it’s nice.

I haven’t planted anything yet this year. Today is a planting day; maybe I’ll do something just to do it. Something in a pot, that I can take along when we move. The uncertainty of the next few months makes me hesitate to do much of anything.

My fantasy garden, on the other hand, is thriving!

Crocuses are out. They always make me smile.

What’s new in your garden?

Thurs. March 4, 2021: The Quiet

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Third Quarter Waning Moon in Scorpio

Sunny and windy

I completely forgot to post last week. I’m so sorry. I didn’t think of it until Friday morning.

A contributing factor was that my mom had an early morning doctor’s appointment, and there wasn’t anything to say.

The snow has melted. It got cold and windy again. There are small piles of hard, dirty snow stuck at street corners, waiting for a bigger thaw.

The surveyors/septic company prowled around last week and dug up a big patch in the back for “samples”. They cleaned up as much as they could, but now it looks like there’s a sandpit in the meadow.

I haven’t started any plantings yet, not even in pots, because so much is in flux.

There’s not much to say, really. It’s March, the weather changes its mind every two minutes. More planting days are coming, and I will have to make decisions, or it will be too late.

How’s your March garden?