Thurs. Sept. 3, 2020: Qualities of Fog

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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Last Day of Full Moon in Pisces

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Foggy and humid

I HATE the WP block editor. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

We finally had some much-needed rain yesterday.

The morning glories are going wild. They’re so lovely. The zinnias are doing well. I’ll have to harvest some more beans and cucumbers soon.

The tomatoes are finally turning red. They’re so delicious!

I have so much basil – there are many jars of pesto in my future, which is just fine, because it’s delicious.

We’ve enjoyed the lovely weather the past few days. It’s turned humid again, ick, but hopefully it won’t be too bad over the upcoming holiday weekend.

I’m taking the cats out in the playpens. They have a good time, can enjoy being outside, and be safe. When they hear me pick up the playpen to pop it up, they come running. It’s really cute.

Will start cutting back some things that have bloomed and passed this weekend, in preparation for putting the yard to bed.

The leaves aren’t really turning yet; they’re just giving up and falling off. Fitting for 2020.

There were a couple of days when it smelled like autumn in the morning, but now it just smells wet. It’s very foggy, too.

Cape Cod fog is so different than Maine fog. When I’m up in Maine and it’s foggy, I understand why so many horror stories are written there. Cape Cod fog is more ghostly than horror-ly. It hangs differently and moves differently. It dances more than in Maine, where I could stand in the kitchen and watch the fog roll down the street, eating everything in its path.

I’m looking forward to putting up the spiderweb curtains and putting out the decorations in October.

But for now, I want to savor September.


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