Thurs. May 28, 2020: Things Are Growing

Thursday, May 28, 2020
Waxing Moon in Second Quarter Leo
Pluto Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Celtic Tree Month of Hawthorn

Not much to say, garden-wise. I’m behind on the planting. I was too tired on the last planting day to do much. Now, I don’t think I can wait until next Wednesday to replant the tomato seedlings. I’m going to have to do it this weekend.

The morning glory seeds I planted last week are starting to sprout. I hope the moonflowers, zinnias, mixed pollinators, and hollyhocks soon follow suit.

The lettuce we saved is doing well, and so are the peppers and the one little cucumber.

The lilacs are in full bloom and ready to fade. The red Stewart azalea is blooming, and our puffy pink not-sure-if-it’s-azalea-or-rhody is in full flower, too.

The grass is growing, and our lawn guy will be here sometime this week to mow it. The hostas is in full throttle, but the hydrangeas are struggling this year. Not just mine, but I see it all around.

The trees are finally coming into leaf.

We’re enjoying time on the Enchanted Deck Garden. It’s full on summer on the Cape, which means too many tourists and can’t do anything anyway – even with the virus. So we are just fine staying home.

Hope your gardens are flourishing, too!


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