Feb. 13, 2020: More Rain

image courtesy of Public Domain Pictures via pixabay.com

Thursday, February 13, 2020
Third Quarter Waning Moon Void of Course, Going into Virgo
Rainy and cold

Not much to say on the garden front. It’s rainy and cold, but not the cold we need.

There won’t be much I can do over the next few weeks, because I’m dealing with health issues, and I won’t be able to lift anything for awhile, or do any heavy work.

I haven’t planted anything indoors yet. I might or might not this weekend, depending on how I’m feeling.

One day at a time right now, that’s the best we can do.


Thurs. Feb. 6, 2020: Rain. More Rain

image courtesy of ChristopherPluta via pixabay.com

Thursday, February 6, 2020
Waxing Moon 2nd Quarter in Cancer
Celtic Tree Month of Rowan
Rainy and mild for February

It’s raining. Again. I don’t mind the rain; I quite like listening to it tapping on the roof, provided I’m curled up with a good book inside.

But we need a prolonged cold snap. Otherwise, the growing season will be thrown off, and the bugs will be a nightmare.

A client of mine went to her garden club meeting, where an etymologist told them not to use anything organic to fight ticks; instead, use dangerous pesticides. How much you want to bet he’s getting a kickback from a pesticide company?

In any event, I hope to get some indoor planting done today and tomorrow, which are planting days. Some cuttings are showing roots, and need to be put into pots. I want to start some lettuce seeds.

Fingers crossed!