Thurs. April 25, 2018: Sprouts

Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Well, it looks like we might actually get a bit of spring. Although the nights are still cold, and the heat’s still on way too much.

The lettuce sprouted, but it’s not looking great. The Principasse Borghese tomatoes have come up, and the Moneymakers are just starting. One pot of lemon verbana has a few shoots; the other does not. Two of the three scarlet runner beans are going like gangbusters.

The two Rose of Sharon plants, the potted lilac, the potted forsythia, the potted hydrangea, the potted blueberry, and the clematis are all back out on the deck. I have a couple of chairs out, and had my first official glass of wine out there on Monday afternoon.

Still plenty of yard work to do. Got some of the tree limbs cleared, but there are still plenty of leaves to rake. I’m mad at the road work crews; they’ve been working on my street. Their version of “clean up” at the end of the day is to leaf-blow their debris into my yard. This is not okay.

I hope the coming weekend is warm and sunny; there’s plenty I’d like to do, and I’d also like some time just to sit and enjoy!

Hopefully, I can take and post some photographs soon.


Spring Planting Late — But Then, So is Spring!

Thursday, April 19, 2018
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Rainy and cold

I’d really like winter to be over. Any day now, okay?

I finally planted both the Moneymaker and the Principasse Borghese tomatoes. Planted two pots’ worth of lemon verbana, some of my scarlet runner beans, and lettuce.

Delighted that the lettuce is already poking up.

The weather’s been bad on the days I’ve had off to work in the yard, so I still haven’t been able to clean up the debris from the March storms.

Fingers crossed we have some decent weather this weekend so I can.

I’m tired of daily news about contaminated food. We really do have to grow most of our own so what we eat doesn’t kill us.


March Storms, April Storms

I’m still trying to clean up after the four March storms. We already had another snowstorm on Monday, April 2, and another one is expected to come in this weekend.

I’ve cleaned most of the front yard, including raking out the beds and cutting back debris, to let the beds breathe. They’re growing merrily, in spite of the storms.

I raked the terraced area in the back, along with raking out the big border bed there. That bed is growing like gangbusters!

All in all, those two areas spat out 420 gallons of leaves!

I still have the side yard (what I call “no man’s land”) to clear, a small transitional area in the back behind the garage, and then the big area in the back I call “the meadow” which has a lot of downed tree limbs.

With another storm coming in soon, I have my work cut out for me!