Snowy March

Thursday, March 8, 2018
Waning Moon
Celtic Tree Month of Ash
International Women’s Day

Short post today, and not just because it’s snowing.

It’s because I haven’t made any garden progress yet. The weather’s been too awful to do anything outside.

Inside, the sweet peas are growing merrily away, but I haven’t planted anything else. Saturday and Sunday are the next possible planting days, according to my calendar. Although, since it’s waning moon, I should plant things like potatoes, that grow under the ground (or carrots?), not things to grow above the ground.

Black Tomato

I saw a jokey meme on Facebook about black tomatoes for goth gardens. And I’ve become obsessed with dark tomatoes.

So now, I’m hunting down seeds from the darkest tomatoes I can find, and will add them to the many tomatoes I’m growing this season.

Because I love to grow tomatoes! 🙂

Have a great weekend. Let’s hope the weather starts getting better — at least on days I don’t have client work at their sites — so I can get out and start working in the yard!


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