Autumn in the Air!

Friday, August 30, 2013
Fourth Quarter Moon in Gemini
Celtic Tree Month of Hazel
Cloudy and cool

It’s felt like autumn for the past few weeks, although it’s still August. The beds are dying back. Pretty soon I’ll be prepping them for the winter.

Our tomatoes and cucumbers are doing very well. The bush beans did well, but never made it into the pot – I just ate them raw right off the vine.

None of the squashes/pumpkins/zucchini did well. The eggplants struggled, but are now gaining tractions.

The nasturtiums and sweet peas didn’t bloom until a couple of weeks ago.

This was a bad year for herbs. I planted six different types of basil and NOTHING came up. I’ve got a little rosemary out front, and some sage and some parsley. No tarragon, no oregano, no thyme this year. Disappointing.

Morning glories did well, moonflowers not to much.

Peppers grew into beautiful plants, but no blossoms, which makes me think perhaps the seeds I used (from actual peppers) were GMO and not organic. NONE of the jalapenos came up.

The bok choy and the kale did well, though. I think I’ll have two small ears of corn.

It was a mixed year in the garden.

I put in some autumn plantings last week, which are already coming up: more beans, spinach, mesculin greens, and two kinds of lettuce, so that we have some greens to go with our tomatoes!

Over the winter, I need to think about what I really want to grow next year — what we want to EAT. I have to start everything earlier, I think, somehow figuring out the room for them inside. Maybe buy more grow lights?

The growing seasons have been so different every year that I’ve been in the house. Nothing’s been consistent, year-to-year, so it’s all just experimentation.

But I can feel and smell seasonal change, in a way I couldn’t when I lived in New York — especially not across the street from Port Authority Bus Terminal!