When In Doubt, Repot

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
Waning Moon Third Quarter Leo
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

My calendar had Sunday the 5th designated as a planting day. It’s a little too cold to put anything outside, in spite of the mild winter, but I’m itching to get started and see things grow.

So I repotted.

I planted some lemon seeds I’d had sprouting in a window sill, but the rest of it was getting plants in quarters too tight for their comfort out of them and into better ones. They’re pretty darn happy now, ready to stretch and breathe and enjoy a bit of room for their roots.

The introductory package from the Arbor Day Foundation came. I’d sent in a donation, and in return, I’m getting 10 trees and 2 bushes. I thought they’d be tiny — sort of the way I thought the Huckleberry would be a real bush instead of a twig. However, I seem to have gotten it backwards this time. These will be saplings, but pretty sturdy ones.

So THAT will be an adventure.

The birds already sing me awake in the mornings, and, in spite of the cold, you can smell the change of season.



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