Forsythia & Mystery Bush Bloom!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Waning moon third quarter in Scorpio
Saturn Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Celtic Tree Month of Willow

Saturday was pretty exciting. First of all, the tiniest of green shoots started coming up from the chamomile — very exciting! So petite and delicate.

If you know what kind of bush this is, at the top of the post and here, would you tell me? It’s lovely and blooming, but I can’t figure it out, and therefore don’t know how to take care of it.

Then, a box from White Flower Farm arrived with my three Siberian Iris plants. I have one called “Chyrsographes black-flowered”, which is black shot through with tiny strands of yellow. The other is “Moonsilk” — a buttery yellow that reminds me of banana cream pudding filling, which compliments the yellow in the black -flowered iris, and “Super Ego” a lovely variegated pale blue and white with dark streaks that will also compliment the black.

White Flower Farms ships bulbs cosseted in shredded newspaper

Monday was finally a nice, seasonable day, and, according to my lunar calendar, a planting day. I ran around to get more potting soil and organic garden soil. I visited several stores and was inspired to do a more layered and complex design for the front than I originally planned — instead of just a long row of pansies along the front, I think I’ll also put in some English daisies and candytuft. I’d never particularly thought about candytuft one way or the other when I saw photos. However, when I saw it in person, I was enchanted. The heathers also fascinate me — I want to buy one of those whiskey barrel things and plant it full of heather for the front yard.

I bought my two little holly trees — a Blue Prince and a Blue Princess — ilex x meserveae –so they can pollinate. I love the dark, shiny, blue-green leaves. Travelled to another store and got a good deal on pots for them, too — although I had to point out that the clerk charged me for three pots when I’d only bought two, and we had to do a big return thing.

Some of my lovely plants needed seriously repotting already. The two Racer pumpkins that germinated are growing rapidly, so I put them into a shared pot. Hopefully, it’s big enough to keep them happy until I can put them into the ground in about six weeks. I had to replant the thyme, curry, and chocolate mint, which already outgrew the pots I put them in a month ago, although the chocolate mint isn’t growing as quickly as mints usually do. I repotted the catmint, which is growing beautifully, and the Big King eggplant, which is HUGE. I put it into the pot I hope it will live in all summer, but I’m starting to have doubts. I may have to get an even bigger pot for it. Or maybe I will put it in the ground, and let it lead the Nadia eggplants. I started the Nadia eggplants, the zucchini, and the foxgloves that I plan to keep in containers. I may sprinkle some foxglove, hollyhock, and delphinium seeds in the front of the house, so we get some height. The baby bushes planted just before we rented the place just sit there and look bewildered. They need some company.

Black King Eggplant keeps growing

I’d picked up a different kind of potting soil, that’s supposed to be great. I HATE IT. It’s so wet and mucky that I’m afraid it will cause the roots of the iris and the hollies (which is what I planted in them) to rot, in spite of pots with good drainage. It was like handling mud. I’ll keep a close eye on the plants; if they look like they’re struggling, I’ll get a different type of soil and switch them out. It would break my heart if I killed the hollies or the iris because I made a poor choice in potting soil. I mixed in the bonemeal for the iris, as directed, so, hopefully, that will help.

I cleaned up most of the front — got the rest of the leaves from overwintering out of the front beds. Revealed some sort of tiny lizard near the house — gave him back some of his leaves, so I didn’t destroy his home, poor little thing. Cleaned up around some of the bushes in front, and the rocks-with-tiny-plants flanking the driveway. Fed everything. I didn’t have enough organic soil to re-bed everything, so I set most of it around the baby bushes, and put the rest in the border behind the house. Once I’ve put plants in around the bushes and seeds down, I will mulch the front. I HATE mulch — I hate the way it looks, I hate the texture, it always looks like corporate landscaping to me. Strip malls and industrial parks have a few twigs and bushes here and there and huge swaths of mulch in between them. I hate it. But, I do understand that it’s necessary, and, once the plants are big enough, I guess I’ll be forced to do it.

I want to plant more at the bottom of the driveway, to make it more of an entrance, and I want to plant a tub of heather in front of the twin oaks.

Unfortunately, I’m at budget now, so I have to wait a couple of weeks until more money comes in.

On Tuesday, much to my shock, the strawberry plants arrived — I wasn’t expecting them until mid-May. I’ve got no place to put them, and I can’t place them outside yet, due to the night cold, so I’m a bit flummoxed.

Tuesday, however, is when the forsythia burst forth in bloom, and they’re lovely. Forsythia is such a cheerful plant! I adore them.

We picked some daffodils on Monday, and placed them into a small vase. They’re thriving inside, and it’s fun to have flowers cut from our own garden (even if we didn’t plant these bulbs).

Yesterday and today are rather rainy and gloomy, so not much can be done outside. Tomorrow’s supposed to dry up and bit and get sunny, so I hope I can clean out at least one of the big back beds, and maybe start on the side beds.

I hope, soon, it’ll be warm enough to put a few plants in the ground out front, and add some catmint, lavender, and maybe a little thyme to the terraced border in the back.

I love going out every morning with my coffee and listening to the garden. And I love to take a glass of wine out there at the end of my writing day and see what’s happened during the day.


Forsythia earlier in the week, just starting to bloom. They really popped yesterday.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Brandy
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 17:22:38

    You are great at planning out what you want and where you want it planted.


  2. Teresa
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 22:53:46

    The flower on the bush looks like an Azalea. I can’t see the leaves.


  3. devonellington
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 23:25:37

    That makes sense. I’ve got other types of azalea and rhododendron on the property, but I wasn’t sure.


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