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Saturday, April 9, 2011
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Sunny and cool

I’m preparing the yard for spring. Necessary, but, since I’m learning as I’m going, I’m sure it’s taking longer than it takes most people!

I filled a 30 gallon bag with leaves removed from the bed that borders the terraced section of the garden. I was smart — I worked from below it, instead of above it. I found all kinds of plants under there — mostly things I don’t recognize, and I’ll just have to wait until they come up. There are some bulbs peeking out, and some lamb’s ears, which I actually recognize. I’m fond of lamb’s ears. And some reedy-looking things that I hope will turn into something. I’m not sure if the empty spots mean stuff will come up later in the season — I’ll have to see. I still have to fertilize and add some fresh soil to it, but at least the bed is open and breathing.

I’ll also have to start watering. I tried using a watering can, which was just pathetic. The plants stared up at me like, “Really? What makes you think THIS is a good idea?”

I think I can hook up the new hoses, turn on the spigots, and water from that. It’s supposed to be pretty warm over the next days, and I’m hoping we won’t go down past freezing any more.

Then, there’s the vegetable bed. I cleaned off the cones and the sticks and the bed of pine needles, and took out the beach grass. There’s an awful lot of sand in there. I don’t mind sand for drainage purposes, but — there’s an AWFUL lot of sand in there.

I got 8 cubic feet of organic soil to add on top of it. I don’t quite think that’s enough, although it looks much better.

I’d woefully underestimated how much soil I’d need. I’m still thinking in NYC apartment-sized terms instead of outdoor terms. I thought ONE cubic foot of soil would handle the bed, and that was just pathetic — like a dark dinner napkin in the middle of a field.

I called over to my go-to hardware store one town over to ask about types and pricing — and got some chick who wouldn’t give me any information. Now, I’m up to my elbows in sand and organic (meaning stinky) soil, so don’t you DARE tell me you can’t even give me a ballpark figure on the size and price of bags of soil you have. Considering that they always take good care of me, I was rather shocked. But then, it’s usually the owner who takes care of me.

I headed to a nearby garden center, who’d advertised great prices online. Unfortunately, the prices on site were 5X higher, and it was out of my budget. I found another hardware store nearby that had a great price on what I needed, loaded the car for me, and cut me a deal. So it was all good.

I hated not giving the business to my go-to hardware store, but I was under budget, time, and information constraints. If they’d quoted me a good price over the phone, I would have been over there lickety split and given my money to them instead. But I’m from NY — don’t “vague” me and try to get me to come in and then talk me into something else. That crap doesn’t work with me. I am from NY — I ask questions and I expect direct answers. Most of the time in New England, that’s what you get, so I don’t know what chickie’s problem was. But it lost her store a sale.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe the bed served a purpose as a child’s sand box after it was a vegetable plot. I may have to rake back some of the soil, remove a bunch of the sand, and then add more soil.

Next on the list is to clean up the front beds, which are looking a little bare, so that I can put in the pansies. Then, there’s a back bed I didn’t know existed — but bulbs are coming up, so I better tidy it, and the side beds of the house.

I get a sneaking suspicion that we wait and wait and wait and wait because we can’t do much, and then, suddenly, we have about two weeks where we need to spend 14 hours a day to get everything done.

Costume Imp sent me a wildflower garden to “roll out” and plant, once the danger of frost is past, along with several envelopes of flowers. I can’t wait!

And he’s giving me lots of advice, because he actually knows how to do this stuff!


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  2. Brandy
    Apr 10, 2011 @ 17:24:21

    I learn something new every year gardening. But, I have a great resource as well. My MIL has the prettiest gardens so I ask her for advice on when and what I can plant.
    Good luck with your many gardens!


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