Seed Companies, Designs, and More Snow

Eventually, he will guard the garden

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
Waning Moon in Scorpio
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

The snowpack has momentarily melted –but more snow is expected on Sunday. I might just stay in bed.

Over on Ink in My Coffee, Lori asked if I would share my garden design at some point. Well, because most of it is container gardening (since I’m renting), only the set-aside vegetable bed is really designed — I’m doing some research as to how I should arrange what I’ve got, I’ll prepare the bed in spring, and then plant (and mark) in rows.

I’ve got forsythia bushes on either side of the garage, and a mix of rhododendron and azalea in the front. There’s a lilac on the side of the house (to the right if you’re in it, to the left if you’re looking at it), and some rose bushes along one side of the house. On the other side are more rhododendron, a big wooden wheel on which I hope to trail morning glories and moonflowers, and (according to Costume Imp) some iris. There’s a small holly bush in the back, along with hosta and some herbs and some stuff I don’t recognize, and pine, oak, and cedar tree. There’s a flowering almond somewhere.

All of those came with the property.

I have my Alberta spruce trees flanking the front door, and I need to get them into bigger pots before they start new growth. I want them to be happy. Eventually, when I own a place, I want to stick them into the ground, so they can be really happy!

I’ll have tomatoes and basil in large pots on deck, and I’m thinking about smaller pots of herbs on the edges of the deck steps (that means 12 matching pots). There’s a flat expanse in the middle of the back yard. If I can find a bird bath at a thrift shop, I may put that up and then flank it with containers. The strawberry plants will be in hanging baskets on the deck.

I’m sure I will move everything around a dozen times before I’m satisfied.

I’m logging in the seeds. I’m irritated with both Eden Brothers and Territorial Seed Company, because the back of the seed packet has some generic marketing claptrap instead of information on the actual seeds in the packet. I don’t like that. I’m sure their position is that they provide seeds for seasoned gardeners and one can look stuff up on the web site or somewhere else, but if I’m going to pay their prices (which are higher than Johnny’s), then they can provide individual instructions on the packets. The seeds better produce 100%. 😉

As soon as it gets mild enough and dry enough to work outside, I’ll start preparing the vegetable bed and muck out the oook that didn’t compost all the way around the shrubs. That way, it’ll be clean so I can – am I composting? Fertilizing? Mulching? I have to go look it up. I’m pretty sure I’m composting.

The indoor plants are pretty happy with all the sunlight, but pretty soon, I’ll repot what needs to be repotted and clean the pots, so I can use them after I start the seeds, but before I put the new plants outside.

It’s an adventure!




Saturday, February 19, 2011
Waning Moon in Virgo
Saturn Retrograde
Celtic Tree Month of Ash
Sunny and cold

I know I’m going to regret this, but I’m going to plant zucchini.

How could I possibly regret it? I eat zucchini, I cook with it a lot. I’m planning on growing two kinds of eggplants, two kinds of tomatoes, and peppers. And herbs. So all that’s missing from the mix is zucchini and I’ve got all the home-grown ingredients for one of my favorites, ratatouille. I adore the recipe from the original MOOSEWOOD COOKBOOK.

On Cape Cod, there’s a running joke about zucchini. People who grow them joke about how they sneak around in the middle of the night, leaving baskets of zucchini on other people’s doorsteps — sometimes the doorsteps of strangers. People who don’t grow them joke about finding far more zucchini than they could ever use on the front doorstep when they go out to get the paper in the morning.

But I’m growing it anyway, albeit cautiously, because I want to make ratatouille with home-grown ingredients from my garden.

Hey, I’m growing cucumbers, too, and I’ve already been warned about those . . .


The Seeds Are Arriving!

Thursday, February 17, 2011
Second quarter moon in Leo
Saturn Retrograde
Celtic Tree Month of Rowan
Cloudy and cold

I never thought of myself as much of a garden gnome person, but this little guy was so adorable, I couldn’t resist!

Haven’t had much to say lately other than, “it’s snowing” and that gets a bit dull after a bit.

I’m not even near my garden right now — I’m on the road, working — but the seeds I ordered are arriving! I’d bought some, and the order from Eden Brothers arrived, and, I heard from home that the Territorial Seed Order also arrived (the plants will come in early April).

As they come in, I set up sheets for the garden binder I’m keeping — the name of the plant, both Latin & common, where I got it, etc. I want to see with which company’s products I have the best results (factoring in my own mistakes). I know the Johnny’s order shipped, but it hasn’t arrived yet. They’re my tried-and-true company — even when I struggled to keep seedling alive in a NY apartment with only northern exposure, I had the best luck with their seeds.

The snowpack may not be melting yet, but the arrival of the seeds gives me hope that spring will arrive — eventually.